paid by the state for the California Republican Party's failed recall

Newsom 2018 61.95%[2]
Newsom 2021 61.88%[3]

Contact Governor Gavin Newsom and the California State Legislature: Reform the Recall

The gubernatorial recall in 2021 cost California over $200 million, according to the Secretary of State.

California's Republican Party forced the state to set $200 million on fire that otherwise could have been used for school lunch programs, affordable housing for low income and homeless Californians, or health care.

It's result was negligibly different from the gubernatorial election two years prior. The difference? 0.07 percent.

Furthermore, California's recall system allows for a governor to be recalled and replaced with someone who received fewer votes. At a time of small-d democratic retreat across the country, we must bolster democracy here in California.

This was the second recall of a governor in less than twenty years. The recall system in California needs reform. Now.